Great music is a synthesis between sound and silence.The greater the synthesis the deeper the music goes.The sound creates the silence and the silence creates the receptivity to receive sound. Sound creates more love for music, more capacity to be come silent. Listening to great music you will always prayerful and something whole. Something integrates in you. You become centred, rooted. The earth and sky meet .The body and soul meet.They are no longer separate.

 They lose their definitions .


DO.OMYOGA is a very immersive and deeply connecting Yoga practice. Equal focus in placed on Asana ,Pranayama, Meditation, Philosophy, Mantra and Music using ‘Nada Yoga’ for a holistic practice. Nada yoga, meaning "union through sound" is an ancient Indian system and science of inner transformation through sound and tone. It is described in the "Hatha Yoga Pradipika" as one of the most powerful and fruitful meditation techniques to calm the mind by using music and sounds to connect to a higher state of consciousness. Practiced always alongside loud atmospheric Doom/Drone/Ambient/Avant-garde/Psychedelic music . The practice as a result, serves as a moving meditation as well as a deep listening meditation encouraging deep introspection.

DO.OMYOGA as an asana practice is a dynamic-restorative slow vinyasa based yoga with a strong
emphasis on balancing dynamic ‘active’ postures with deeply connecting  'passive' postures.
The intensity of the music acts as a driving force invigorating strength, yet at the same time compliments the
pace of the practice and has the capacity to aid releasing tension and help sustain holding
asana postures for longer through its emotive nature.
A selection of music from the slower , heavier , vibrational and at times ambient end of the music spectrum is chosen to also serve as the 'active' principle balancing the energy of the practice into a harmonious integrated whole.

ALL LEVELS WELCOME  from beginners to regular practitioners 

DO.OMYOGA serves as a platform to explore creative expression through connection and regularly collaborates with Musicians , Visual Artists , Photographers and more giving them an opportunity to explore their work and chosen medium through DO.OM

DO.OMYOGA LIVE Do.omyoga hold regular LIVE music sessions in collaboration with various Artists, Bands and Musicians .




god is sound


The whole of creation including humanity is sound and music in solid form. Everything in nature consists of vibrations.The body is our instrument and it must be played drawing out maximum harmony and resonance with Nature. Kamellia Sara uses the body through movement and sound through listening to release blockages on a physical and subtle level.

DO.OMYOGA holds regular sound healing ceremonies usually accompanied a very passive asana practice to open up the body to the receptivity of sound.A gong bath is a powerful sonic meditation enabling deep relaxation to bring about peace and wellbeing for improved health. The sound induces a state of spontaneous meditation and relaxation facilitating the movement of Prana – Vital energy, our life force, throughout the body. The movement of which on a physical level eliminates tension, stimulates the circulation and glandular systems and regenerates the parasympathetic nervous system. The vibrations from the gongs assist the release of emotional and energy blockages in the body and stimulate deep healing on a cellular level. The gong slows the brainwaves, inducing a dreamlike state and opening us up to take an inner journey where our sense of time dissipates and we are left to simply 'be' and vibrate with the gong. This is the state where the body heals and rejuvenates and where higher states of consciousness can heal and transform.



classes & workshop

EVERY TUESDAY / 7PM-8.30PM / Mats provided, changing facilities available at the venue. 


LAST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH / 7PM-8.30PM / Mats provided, changing facilities available at venue.







News & Updates

DO.OMYOGA LIVE  is now monthly at miranda ace hotel

Back in September !! Collabs TBA sooooooooooon






 KAMELLIA  a Creative and Yogi founded and teaches Do.omyoga following her training in the 8 limbed path of Ashtanga in India 2015 . Formerly a fashion buyer her practice was initiated when suffering aches and pains in her hip beyond any medical diagnosis, she awakened to an 'epiphany' moment when discovering Yoga for the first time and since been on a path that has been transmuting all areas of her life  be it physical , mental and spiritual. 

She plays with her extensive collection of music, sensibility and expertise creating a space of silence and Sound. Synchronising every practice to a new playlist she uses her intuition to flow through the sequence while equally giving and receiving a deep listening meditation in turn.

She has also completed a training in sound healing with Grand Gong master Don conreaux

She continues her Yoga study and practice while perpetually opening and exploring new realms of possibilities and creativity. Kamellia Sara uses the body through movement and sound to release blockages on a physical and subtle level. She continues to explore and evolve with others the development of self awareness. Moving into peace, moving into silence, healing the body, mind and Spirit.



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